Sunday, March 8, 2015

How to merge several songs clips into one as you like

When you have collected lots of songs like jazz, classical .etc, you can categorize them. Maybe you can try to merge the songs into one as your favorite list. And Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can help you to make it easy.
1. Add songs. If Kigo VideoConverter Ultimate is ready, click the Add File(s) button on the Convert Video list. Select several songs and click the Open button to the list.

2. Set audio format. Click to unfold the Profile drop-down list and select WAVE Audio as the output format in the Audio category.
3. Set merging settings. Check on the option “Merge All Files”, and you can customize the merged file name.
4. Start converting. Click the Convert Now button to start converting, then the converting progress will show on the Task/Pending/Converting list. After the conversion, you can get the merged audio file from Task/History/Converted list.
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·         Kigo Video Converter Ultimate supports AC3 pass through while converting DVD with AC3 (5.1) audio track.
·          Kigo Video Converter Ultimate supports 2-pass-encoding to get better video quality while converting.
·         Kigo Video Converter Ultimate enables deinterlace while converting interleaved video.
·         Kigo Video Converter Ultimate supports MP4 flat and hint.
·         You can’t merge audio files and video files together.
·         The converted audio files can’t be added to convert and upload to Youtube quickly.

When you stop the conversion in the pending list, the converting progress will be deleted from the list.